Photography lovers will notice the colors that bloom brightly on Lake Garda during Spring and Summer. It’s always a pleasure to take pictures that you can bring home to remind you of the beauty that Beeboatservice was able to show you. We have chosen to add a section dedicated to Lake Garda, its charm and its history.
In our Blog you may find useful information about Lake Garda and his beauties: what to see, the places and the towns to visit, the best things to do.
You just need to choose the option you desire and we’ll be more than happy to accompany you in the easiest and most fun way: by Boat!

The Feast of the Assumption on Lake Garda - Vintage Cars on water

12 Ways to Best Celebrate The Feast Of The Assumption On Lake Garda

The feast of the assumption is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year and lake garda holds the sceptre every year as the capital of the festivities of august 15th...

Best Spa, Beauty Farms and Wellness Centers of Lake Garda - Villa Eden Spa

Regenerate yourself and live better with Spa, Beauty Farms and Wellness Centers on Lake Garda

For a holiday dedicated to well-being, Lake Garda offers a wide variety of hotels with spas, five star hotels, thermal centres and luxury resorts.

Best Beaches of Lake Garda - Beaches of Mulino and Mokai Beach

A Journey among the most beautiful Beaches of Lake Garda

Aside from medieval castles, enchanting towns, and crystal clear waters, Lake Garda knows how to offer its visitors dozens of kilometres of beaches. 

Best Campsite of Lake Garda - Camping Village Weekend Salò

A Vacation in Freedom and Nature? Yes, with the best Campsites on Lake Garda

Lake Garda, a pearl nestled between Veneto, Lombardy, and Trentino, is one of the main tourist destinations in Italy and is an ideal place for a weekend ....

Festivals on Lake Garda - Salò Garda Flowers

Great Wines, Truffle, Flowers and Frecce Tricolore: here are the most beautiful Festivals on Lake Garda

Events and Festivals of Lake Garda are a great way to discover the culture and enogastronomic specialties of the towns surrounding Italy’s biggest lake.