Photography lovers will notice the colors that bloom brightly on Lake Garda during Spring and Summer. It’s always a pleasure to take pictures that you can bring home to remind you of the beauty that Beeboatservice was able to show you. We have chosen to add a section dedicated to Lake Garda, its charm and its history.
In our Blog you may find useful information about Lake Garda and his beauties: what to see, the places and the towns to visit, the best things to do.
You just need to choose the option you desire and we’ll be more than happy to accompany you in the easiest and most fun way: by Boat!

Aril River

Visit the shortest river in the world!

The shortest river in the world it’s located in Italy, flowing into Lake Garda, and you can discover it with our boat excursion! As is well known, Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake.

Manerba: its beaches and surroundings

Manerba: its beaches and surroundings

Among the natural beauties of Manerba we ought to remember the numerous beaches that for almost 12 kilometers offer us an amazing variety of paths.

Riviera dei Limoni

Are you choosing where to spend your holidays on Lake Garda? Why not Riviera dei Limoni?

It’s time to start planning your holidays! If you’re thinking about Lake Garda, choosing the town and the location you’d be staying at, can be very difficult.