Photography lovers will notice the colors that bloom brightly on Lake Garda during Spring and Summer. It’s always a pleasure to take pictures that you can bring home to remind you of the beauty that Beeboatservice was able to show you. We have chosen to add a section dedicated to Lake Garda, its charm and its history.
In our Blog you may find useful information about Lake Garda and his beauties: what to see, the places and the towns to visit, the best things to do.
You just need to choose the option you desire and we’ll be more than happy to accompany you in the easiest and most fun way: by Boat!

Limone sul Garda: what to see and what to do in a few days

Exploring Limone sul Garda: Lemon Groves, Beaches and Excursions

Limone sul Garda is a picturesque tourist resort located on the north-western shore of Lake Garda. This enchanting country is known for its breathtaking views, crystal clear lake waters and mountains that provide a spectacular backdrop.

Wedding Venues on the Lake Garda: 10 Must-See Proposals

Wedding Venues on the Lake Garda: 10 Must-See Proposals

Breathtaking views, delicious food, beautiful weather and a unique atmosphere, Lake Garda is a wonderful place to get married. The locations are varied, each is full of romance and has an incomparable view of the lake.

Lake Garda Events

Lake Garda Events: culture, sport and music not to be missed

Lake Garda is the ideal setting for important cultural, sporting and musical events as well as food and wine events that make Lake Garda a stimulating and exciting destination every time of the year...

Wineries and Wines of Lake Garda: vineyard overview

Lake Garda Wineries and Wines: which ones to visit and what to taste in the surroundings

Plains and hills around Lake Garda are covered with olive groves and vineyards where several famous wines are born thanks to the particular microclimate. Discover the Vineries to visit and the Wines not to be missed.

Sanctuaries, Monasteries and Hermitages on the Lake Garda

Sanctuaries, Monasteries and Hermitages on the Lake Garda

If you're interested in visiting sacred places rich in spirituality or wanting to discover architectural jewels, we offer a list of the most interesting sanctuaries, hermitages and monasteries on the Lake Garda.