Beeboatservice organises Excursions and Private Boat Tours on Lake Garda for couples and small groups of people.

Below you’ll be able to find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our services, our boat tours on Lake Garda, hours, payments, clothing, and other useful topics to enjoy boat excursions and the many beauties of Lake Garda at their fullest.

To Book a Boat Tour or to verify what our Beeboat Service itineraries are, you can click the following link: Lake Garda Boat Trips

How can I book a boat tour/excursion?

Send us a request by filling in all the boxes in the “Book a Tour” form that you can find looking at the top right website’s.

We’ll answer quickly with all the information about our prices, our availability on the preferred date, the various payment options, and booking confirmation. Please don’t leave any blank spaces! Thank you.

What time does the boat depart for tours/excursions?

We don’t have any default departure times. We offer a private service, and the departure time is always agreed upon beforehand with the clients, depending on their preferences and needs

What happens in case bad weather comes on a booked day?

The best advice I can give you is not to book a tour on the last day of your holiday, in order to have a chance to reschedule in case the weather should refuse to collaborate.

Do you offer group tours and/or shared tours with other people?

Our excursions are exclusive and private for the pleasure of our clients. On board there will always only be people from the same group who booked in advance.

How to group tours work?

With “group tours” we mean pre-formed groups of people who chose to go on tour together. For example your family (or two families if agreed upon that beforehand), a group of friends or of various family members.

Do you add more people on the boat to share the cost of the excursion/tour?

We do not organise shared tours with pre-scheduled departure times. We do not offer shared services with the exception of some rare occasions.

How much does a tour cost? What’s the price of a boat excursion?

To prepare a price quotation we’ll need to know how many people are in your group and what kind of tour/excursion you would like to embark on. You can give us a phone call or fill in all the necessary details in Book a Tour form. We will offer the most convenient pricing or propose a flat price for packages. This is the reason we don’t have fixed prices online. Every offer and/or price quotation is personalised and changes depending on the request.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment in cash, but we also have a POS terminal to pay with debit or credit card. We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Maestro.

Where do we depart from? Where do we meet to board on the boat for the tour?

The boarding point and tour starting point is in the town of Salò. We give priority to departure requests from our town, and you’ll find us on the lakeside boardwalk of Salò. If you’ll need to depart from the pier of your hotel or other places, we are open to the organise special boarding points with the appropriate cost.

What clothing should we wear during the boat tour/excursion?

We always recommend to wear comfortable “casual” clothing, and to bring a waterproof K-way.

Can we wear shoes on board? What about high heel shoes?

On board we always recommend flat and comfortable shoes. Embarking with high heels is not allowed in order to prevent unpleasant spraining and injury.

Is is possible to move around barefoot on the boat?

The best “grip” on the boat will always be barefoot. Barefoot is how one normally walks on a boat, though shoes are allowed, preferably comfortable shoes with rubber soles.

Can the dog come on board? Up to what weight/size are they allowed?

The boat has a very delicate teak flooring. We allow small, polite dogs up to 10kg on board. Dogs are not allowed on the boat’s eco-leather cushions, for hygienic and conservation purposes.