A Journey among the most beautiful Beaches of Lake Garda

Aside from medieval castles, enchanting towns, and crystal clear waters, Lake Garda knows how to offer its visitors dozens of kilometres of beaches. Along its coast are many equipped beaches, some with paid admission, some free to access. Many of them are rocky beaches with pebbles or gravel. There aren’t many sandy beaches on Lake Garda, but these easily comparable to the best sea beaches of our country.

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The most beautiful beaches around Salò

The western coast of Lake Garda, whose epicentre is the lively town of Salò, has some of the best beaches of Lake Garda to offer. These beaches have any kind of comfort:

  • From beach beds and beach umbrellas,
  • to the classic kiosk/café,
  • to the rental of pedal boats for a family excursion on the biggest lake of Italy.

You can bring your dog to a beach on Lake Garda without any problems, in fact there are many dog beaches reserved for our four-legged friends.

The majority of Salò’s beaches are free, all are gravel beaches and are inside the town’s gulf, especially near the Portese area, following the road towards San Felice del Benaco.

Let’s go discover the most beautiful beaches of Salò and of Lake Garda.

Spiaggia del Mulino and Mokai Beach

The best known and most popular beach of Salò is the Spiaggia del Mulino (Mill Beach), also known as Spiaggia della Conca d’Oro (Golden Valley Beach) after the hotel that was erected nearby. Spiaggia del Mulino is only a 15 minute long walk from Salò’s historical town centre, by walking south along the lakeside boardwalk. There are many pay and display parking lots nearby for those arriving by car. The beach owes its name to the ancient mill behind it, and offers services like beach beds and beach umbrellas rental, and hygiene services like showers.

Right next to Spiaggia Mulino is the Spiaggia Mokai Beach, appreciated by animal lovers because it offers an exclusive fenced area for our four-legged friends. Dog beach Mokai Beach also offers beach umbrellas, beach beds, food kiosk, and pedal boat rental.

Beaches of Mulino and Mokai Beach Salo Lake Garda

In the adjacent area, known as Lido delle Tavine (Tavine’s beach), are some piers where one can lie down and bathe in the sun. The Sun Club Brescia built the “Sub Gym” right in front of it, an underwater gym made out of a metal platform and shipwrecks sunk on purpose at progressive depths, reaching -34m, in order to allow sub lovers to practice their skills and do various exercises for their patent grades.

Just North of Spiaggia del Mulino is the Hotel Conca d’Oro that offers its guests a private beach with a garden, a café-kiosk for snacks and apéritifs, beach beds, beach umbrellas, and a relax area for sunbathing. The view of the lake is wonderful, and has the imposing figure of Mount Baldo rising on the veronese coast in the background.

In recent years the Spiaggia Conca d’Oro has earned renewed fame as an exclusive meeting place for apéritifs in the summer evenings, where you can sip from a chalice of wine while being entertained by live music and animation.

Rimbalzello Beach

North of Salò, in the hamlet of Barbarano but almost in the territory of Gardone Riviera, is the Rimbalzello Beach, part of the celebrated Rimbalzello Adventure Park, a theme park that has suspended paths among the trees of various difficulties and heights, good for both the old and the young.

The beach of the Rimbalzello park is one of the most beautiful of the equipped beaches of Lake Garda and has a myriad of services, including a diving centre.

In the summer, weekend evenings start with happy hour and continue until late at night. Near that beach is also the Hotel Savoy Palace, known for its body treatments in its wellness centre.

Rimbalzello Beach Barbarano Lake Garda

Spiaggia d’Oro

Hotel Spiaggia d’Oro (Hotel Golden Beach) is a romantic 4 star hotel, famous for being one of the most ancient and elegant hotels of the splendid Riviera del Garda, placed in an enviable spot, on Barbarano’s small dock, roughly 1km from Salò and Gardone Riviera, with access to the Spiaggia d’Oro beach, also known as the Beach of Barbarano.

The Hotel Spiaggia d’Oro is close to the historical residence Palazzo Terzi-Martinengo, built in 1566 by the marquis Sforza Pallavicino, and is also known for the Restaurant “La Veranda” that serves dishes with the intent to highlight local products that change depending on the season and their availability.

A few free beaches of Lake Garda

In Toscolano Maderno there is the Lido degli Ulivi Beach, in gravel and grass. It is a free to access beach and is an ideal place to relax. There is also the possibility to rent pedal boats, canoes, and surfing boards.

For a walk along the lake, another beach that is loved by the people of Salò and by tourists is the Spiaggia delle Rive (Beach of the coasts), near the refined Hotel Bellerive, a distinguished, chic, and captivating building.

Spiaggia Baia del Vento (Wind Bay Beach) is already part of San Felice del Benaco, a free to access beach perfect for spending a few hours in tranquility with friends or family or for bathing in Lake Garda.

A little more South, in the town of Manerba del Garda, there are 11 km of coast that offer some of the most beautiful beaches of the Lake. Among them Spiaggia la Romantica (Romantica Beach) stands out. It is the most popular beach of the area and is loved for its size, services, and glimpses it offers of the Natural Park of the Rocca.

Still in Manerba, between Rabbit Island (or Saint Biagio Island) and the Rocca of Manerba, is the Pisenze Beach.

Jamaica Beach in Sirmione and other beaches of Lake Garda

In Sirmione, near Catullo’s Grottos, is the famous Jamaica Beach. A unique characteristic of this fascinating place are the slabs of rock near the water level where one can walk around or chill in the shallow water.

The small natural pools created this way are an ideal playground for the little ones. Given how close it is to the town, Sirmione’s Jamaica Beach is particularly crowded in the weekends.

Jamaica Beach Sirmione Lake Garda

For this reason, many prefer to turn towards the nearby beach Lido delle Bionde (Blondes’ beach) of Sirmione, reachable with a simple and panoramic walk that coasts the lake.

Braccobaldo Bau Beach, one of the first dog beaches in Italy, and the Cappuccini Beach, are two beaches of Peschiera del Garda.

Other beaches of Lake Garda worth knowing are the Spiaggia Baia delle Sirene (Mermaid Bay Beach), in Punta San Vigilio, the free beaches of Torri del Benaco, and the beautiful beaches of Riva del Garda, on the Trentino side of the lake.


Credits: images taken by tuttogarda.it, rimbalzello.com, and bresciasettegiorni.it