The Limone sul Garda Bike Path: the most beautiful in Europe

Lake Garda has recently added a new jewel to its collection of wonderful tourist attractions. It is the Limone sul Garda Bike Path, the most spectacular elevated bike path in Europe. It is 2,5km long and connects Limone del Garda to Capo Reamol, on the western coast of the lake.

The Limone sul Garda Bike Path: the most spectacular in Europe

The elevated bike path on Lake Garda has been launched in July 2018 and has already become a must-see not only for bike lovers, who have the opportunity of biking 50m above the water level, but for all tourists, families, and children who want to grant themselves a walk with breathtaking views of the lake.

The Limone sul Garda bike path is easily reached from the main vacation locations of the western coast of Lake Garda, like Salò, Toscolano Maderno, and Gargnano. A plan to expand the bike path to allow it to reach the town of Riva del Garda 12km north is already in action.

Tourists, curious people, and bicycle fans throw themselves on this overhanging path to admire the varied colours and wonderful sunsets even in the cold winter days.

The dreamy cycle path: Garda By Bike

In the future the Garda by Bike project foresees the creation of a dreamy cycle path that, once completed, will allow cyclists to bike all around the ring of the lake: a 140km long path hanging over one of the most fascinating lakes in Europe, crossing the three provinces of the Benaco: Brescia, Trento, and Verona.

According to the plans the work will be accomplished in 2021 and will cost 102 million euros. The plan is to connect the bike path/boardwalk of Lake Garda with the Ciclovia del Sole (Sun’s bike path), a project that from the Brennero should unknot North and South, and the Ciclovia Vento (Wind bike path), a cycle path built along the river Po that should in the future unite the cities of Venice and Turin.

The first step will be the conclusion of the works being done in the Alto Garda area that will unite Tremosine, on the Brescian coast, and Brenzone, on the veronese coast.

Garda By Bike Elevated bike path on Lake Garda

Spectacular engineering techniques and eco-friendly materials

The Garda bike path has caused an uproar for the spectacularity of the layout the engineering techniques adopted. The first 2,5km of the path connect the town of Limone del Garda to Capo Reamol, a small town near the border with the province of Trento.

The path was built with an overhang structure that holds onto the rocky walls of the mountain in the section where the Western Gardesana, that flanks it for a good part of the segment, passes through the tunnels. It is unique in Europe for its characteristics. The project has kept the environmental and climatic print it would have on the area in mind.

Materials like fake wood, that is resistant to bad weather, were used, and the steel protection give the impression of promenading on a ship’s deck. One of the goals of the path is to promote eco-friendly tourism, where people can discover the beauty of this place while fully respecting nature.

Information about Limone sul Garda Bike Path

Where It Starts

Limone del Garda

Where to Park

Limone del Garda is connected to Salò and Riva del Garda thanks to the Western Gardesana road. Once you reach the town you can leave your car in any of the public parking spaces downtown, like the car park in via Caldogno or on the Marconi lakefront boardwalk, where you can also go for a stroll and visit the museum of tourism. Once you reach the final part of the path, close to the monument of those fallen during WWI, you can keep cycling to Riva del Garda by the main road, though the overhang bike path is the true star of the show, so I’d recommend you turn around and enjoy another ride down this unique ride.

Opening Hours

The cyclo-pedestrian path of Limone del Garda can be freely accessed 24/7. It is in fact lit by LED lights built into the railing, that facilitate its crossing during the night and limit light-pollution, creating a fairy-tail like scenery.

Advice for the visit

  1. Take it easy:
    The Bike path should be enjoyed and appreciated in every instant. It is a a path available to everyone, pedestrians and cyclists, so you should proceed with caution, avoiding travelling with an excessive speed. The speed limit imposed by the town of Limone is 10km/h. It’s a bike path/boardwalk built with families with children and tourists seeking relax in mind. The breathtaking view, created by the cliffs, the  waters of the lake, and the majestic view of Mount Baldo on the other side of the lake, accompany every single meter of the path.
  2. Discover the surroundings:
    You may take advantage of the situation to visit the famous lemon farms of Garda. Three in particular are worth knowing in the area: the Villa Borghi lemon farm, the Tesol lemon farm, and the famous Del Castel lemon farm. Limone del Garda is also famous for being the longest-living town in Italy. Just a little south is Gargnano with many historical villas, and Gardone Riviera, that offers tourists two unique attractions: the monumental complex of the Vittoriale of the Italians and the Hruska botanical garden.


The date of saturday July 14th 2018 has already become history. That day thousands of people have attended the inauguration of the suspended bike path of Garda, a revolutionary endeavour that will forever change tourism on Lake Garda.


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