Riva del Garda

Arco, Torbole, Tenno, Dro, and the important Riva del Garda form the Trentino shore district. They're a mix of remarkable and beautiful towns with many attractions that you can't miss.

From Rocca di Riva to Reptiland: here are the things to do in Riva del Garda

For example, among things to do in Riva del Garda is seeing the “Rocca di Riva”, an antique episcopal manor and military fortress surrounded by a moat and a drawbridge. Upon entering the fortress you'll feel as if you were travelling back in time when Trentine princes and bishops would live in a castle of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Nowadays the building is venue to the Alto Garda Museum and holds many archeological finds dating from prehistory to the middle ages to our times. Right in front of the fortress is another must-see place for tourists: Reptiland, the snake museum! ...Perhaps one of the most frightening of this geographical area.

Close to those places you can visit the Apponale Tower and the Anzolim. Surely you must be wondering, what is this Anzolim? It's a small bronze angel, soaring 34m above the ground on top of the Apponale Tower and it's the symbol of Riva del Garda.

The tower can be visited from March to October, and after toiling up the 165 steps you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the dock and Riva del Garda's main square, an antique commercial area. Another attraction are certainly the Varone waterfalls, roughly 100m high and born from the underground Lake of Tenno.

The Fireworks Show and the “Notte di Fiaba

An unforgettable and a not to be missed experience is definitely the fireworks show, called the “Notte di Fiaba” (Fairy Tale Night), a yearly event that takes place the 25th of August and starts with three cannon shots followed by an succession of colours in the sky and ending with multi-coloured stars, making up for 40 minutes of intense and unforgettable emotions. This is one of the most spectacular and longest fireworks show on the Lake.

It would be a mistale to only think about things to do in Riva del Garda, because the beauty and nature surrounding Lake Garda gift strong emotions and memorable experiences from North to South, so we recommend not to spend your entire holiday there but to get on a car and visit the historical town of Salò, famous for its past during the fascist period, and an excellent starting point to enjoy nice boat excursions and discover the center and southern sides of the lake.

Boat Trips From Riva del Garda


Finding boat trips from Riva del Garda can be very hard, especially if you're looking for something private and exclusive. If you're looking for a private, high quality, affordable tour, it's best to get in a car and start from Salò, which would definitely be much cheaper than asking for a pick up & drop off from Riva del Garda!

There is no better way to see the lake than from the water's different perspective. To see its true colours, hire a boat with a skipper, stop for a refreshing bath and take a few pictures of the islands and castles facing the lake.

This is your holiday, so don't think that everything you have at hand is the best you can find, the only way to find the best is to wander, wander, wander!

Useful information to know: Riva del Garda boat rental isn't possible, because in the entire area surrounding it (roughly 10km) navigating with motorboats is forbidden. The limits of this prohibition are approximatively all the area north of Limone del Garda and Malcesine, until the end of the lake.