Maria Callas Villa's (Villa di Maria Callas)

The beautiful lemon yellow villa that peeps through the dark green of the ancient trees of via Catullo, in the heart of the Sirmione peninsula, has been for years the summer residence of the Verona entrepreneur Giovan Battista Meneghini, but is known for hosting his wife, the star of the lyric Maria Callas.

The chronicles of the time report that the villa, a three-storey building, twenty-one rooms arranged in 780 square meters that were personally furnished by Callas, cost Meneghini sixty million lire.

The "divine" arrived in Sirmione for the first time in 1952 and is said to love those stays very much, far from the limelight.

However, seven years later, the villa, from a leisure destination, became the scene of a harrowing farewell. In love with the Greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis, Callas went with him to Sirmione to talk with Meneghini.

A silent dinner, followed by a raging quarrel and a tragic separation.

Villa Meneghini-Callas was sold by the «commendatore» a few years later and dismembered in a series of private apartment.

Tours and recommended itineraries

Itinerary 4 - Tour of Sirmione village
3-4 h on request

Itinerary 4 - Tour of Sirmione village

During this tour we will sail towards the pearl of the lake: the village of Sirmione.

Itinerary 7 - Tour of Lower Lake
5-6 h on request

Itinerary 7 - Tour of Lower Lake

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