Luxury Holidays, Events or Weddings with Rental Villas on Lake Garda

A boat tour can be an excellent way to discover the dozens of splendid historical villas and palaces from the 1800’s that are spread across the coast of Lake Garda, especially on the western coast near the town of Salò, and north towards Gardone Riviera, Toscolano Maderno, and Gargnano.

Lake Garda has been a vacation spot since ancient roman times, where it attracted visitors thanks to its thermal waters and warm climate. One of the most noteworthy destinations is Sirmione, that before becoming famous for its fortification built by the Scaligeri family, it was loved for its thermal waters, and to this day the famous roman villa known as Catullo’s grottos can be visited.

For the past two thousand years the most noble and wealthy families of Italy, and these days, of the World, strive to buy or build villas on the banks of Lake Garda, where they can spend the winter months sheltered from the breeze, or can enjoy a dive in the clear lake waters in the summer months.

Many of these Villas are rented to rich tourists in search of an exclusive vacation complete with all the most luxurious and comfortable services.

Rental Villas on Lake Garda

One of the advantages of historic residences on Lake Garda is that they are surrounded by spectacular landscapes, with views of the lake’s waters, the lemon farms, the rows of olive trees and vineyards, the hills and pre alpine peaks, and the many archaeological ruins that can be reached at any given moment.

Many villas with swimming pools of Lake Garda are rented for events and important celebrations, like weddings and concerts, or even just to spend a holiday in complete relaxation and live like a king just for a few days or weeks.

Many villas also have a private dock, where you can moor your boat.

Among the rental villas on Lake Garda, that can become an ideal residence for a vacation or the perfect setting for events or celebrations like a big wedding, are:

  • Villa la Vittoriana:
    This is one of the most sought-after villas for weddings on Lake Garda. It is the perfect frame for private events, thanks to its immense staircase that leads to the garden, and its spacious inner rooms ideal for any kind of reception. Villa la Vittoriana is on the northern side of Salò, from which you can reach the town centre in just a few minutes.
    Villa La Vittoriana
  • Villa Titynino:
    In the hamlet of Barbarano, Salò, is this wonderful villa surrounded by a huge park of century old trees. The villa has 5 bedrooms, a fully furnished kitchen, an attic, a terrace with a view of the lake, a private beach, and every comfort imaginable. It is ideal to spend a holiday with family or friends, and it’s in one of the most exclusive spots on the Lemon Coast of Lake Garda.
    Villa Titynino
  • Villa Caratti:
    This villa is in the town of Garda, and offers various services like a cook, delivery groceries, personal shopper, yoga instructor, and boat rental, that add to the charm and beauty of the structure, furnished with a relax area with a pool, turkish bath and sauna, pool table room, and a cellar with a wide selection of high class wines.
    Villa Caratti
  • Villa Belvedere:
    Villa Belvedere is in Gardone Riviera and can be rented for a week of complete relaxation on the lake’s shore. The private beach is only a few metres from the villa, which is surrounded by a majestic garden. The villa has recently been renovated and the rooms offer a breathtaking view of the lake.
    Villa Belvedere
  • Dimora Bolsone:
    In Gardone Riviera we can also find the Dimora Bolsone, a country house from the 1300’s that has been modernized and transformed into a luxurious structure with noble bedrooms, a spa, and a park with its own theatre.
    Dimora Bolsone
  • Hotel Villa del Sogno:
    Hotel Villa del Sogno has a swimming pool, a tennis court, a restaurant, and a wellness and fitness centre. It can be booked for ceremonies and weddings that can become absolutely unforgettable thanks to the charm of this dreamy location, very close to the lakeside boardwalk of Gardone Riviera.
    Villa del Sogno
  • Villa Vittoria:
    Villa Vittoria was built in 1884 in Gardone Riviera, and it’s one of the most beautiful holiday accomodations on the lake. This villa with swimming pool works like a luxury bed & breakfast, with a private opening with direct access to the lake.
    Villa Vittoria

The noble owners of the villas of Lake Garda

Luxury villas on Lake Garda, over the course of centuries, have belonged to nobles, kings, politicians, industrials, poets, and other illustrious figures. Some of the most well-known are Napoleon Bonaparte, Gabriele d’Annunzio, who loved the lake so much he decided to build his Vittoriale degli Italiani here, a funerary monument in his honour; the king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia, Federico Barbarossa, the British prime minister Winston Churchill, who loved to travel down the nearby Strada della Forra, as well as writers and artists like Johann Wolfgang Goethe and  Maria Callas.

The logical consequence of this is that today Lake Garda offers a giant quantity of villas and residences, all different from one another for their architectural style and year of building, but that all always represent the best of the italian lifestyle, as well as the offer the possibility to live inside these works of art, rich in decoration, friezes, marbles, and frescoes, that today have all the comforts of the modern age.

Those who are interested can find dozens of historical villas on Lake Garda for sale at amazing prices, that are and always have been a great investment, since their value is destined to increase over the years, and at the same time you can live in these luxury residences.

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