Manerba: its beaches and surroundings

Among the natural beauties of Manerba we ought to remember the numerous beaches that for almost 12 kilometers offer us an amazing variety of paths always with new views of the lake, the mountains, and the grassy fields. 

Romantica Beach

The biggest and most famous beach in Manerba is the Romantica beach. It starts from the Torchio dock and ends by the border with San Felice.
It was the first beach to ever be used by tourists in the 1950’s. In the immediate vicinities you can find bars, restaurants, and shops. The path has been rendered more precious by a simple but functional lake promenade named after Maurizio Olivari, a mourned young artist from Manerba.
This promenade is calm and perfect for families: on one side is the beautiful blue lake, on the other are the bright green fields and some camp sites.
The beach is beautiful even in autumn and in spring due to its exposure to the east and it is kissed by the sun all day long.

Pisenze and Sasso Beaches

Another wonderful beach is the Pisenze beach. It is situated between the Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island) and the Rocca (Fortress) of Manerba.
It has a vast green and blue bay, with clear water and tranquility. From the beach’s parking lot there are paths that allow you to cross the entire Park of the Rocca, among which is path 801 of Cai, that starts from the Castle of Lonato and ends at the Rocca of Manerba. For swimmers’ safety there is an area specifically for boats, marked with yellow buoys.

Another peculiar beach is that of the Sasso. It is located inside the Rocca’s Natural Park and it is a wonderful place: not too spacious, but immersed in incontaminated nature. It is by far the most beautiful beach in Manerba, with clear water thanks to its rocky floor and and its amazing shallow depth.
There are also beautiful paths leading to it. Looking south-east you can find an amazing view of the high reefs that overlook it. On the beach you can find the “bus della paùl”, a cave that connects the swamp’s plateau with the Beach of the Manerba Rocca. During the summertime it is visitable if accompanied by the CAI. 

The Rabbit Island

Another particularity of Manerba is the Island of San Biagio, also known as Rabbit Island. Once upon a time (in the XVII century) this Island was used as a hunting ground and then as a site for big caliber weapons. Nowadays it is private property.
Rabbit Island is reachable by boat or, when the tide is low, you can reach it in 10 minutes from the Torchio Dock (in Manerba) by walking on a nearby reef.

The view is really breathtaking and the crystal clear water always attractive to swimmers. Once on the Island and looking upon the lake, you can admire the Scoglio dell’Altare (Altar Reef), a place of worship for fishermen who once would stop there with their boats in front of the reefs, to attend to mass.
The Altar Reef is also known to scuba and diving lovers, who can admire the cave that homes the perch fish and the reefs covered in wonderful yellow sponges.