Glamping on the Lake Garda: the new tourism between Luxury, Nature and Relax

Many connect camping with a sometimes uncomfortable contact experience with nature and sleeping on hard, damp soil, all with the unnerving company of heat, insects, and, even worse, rain.

This camping concept has been revolutionized by glamping. Let’s go find out what it is and where to experience this fantastic practice on our beautiful Lake Garda

What is Glamping 

The word “glamping” comes from the union of two english words, which are glamour and camping. It is an expression that unites these two concepts, offering tourists and vacationers a luxurious, comfortable, and new way of camping. It is a practice that started in Northern Europe and has spread in the United States, and in the past few years it has started to catch on in Italy as well.

Lake Garda in particular offers the ideal setting for glamping enthusiasts to experience the adventure of sojourning in an abode rich in charm and appeal, which is only a few feet away from the lake’s crystal waters.

Camping Tend Glamping interior

Aside from the normal sites and areas for RVs, these days more and more camping sites on Lake Garda are offering new spaces where you can stay in contact with nature, without having to give up comfort and luxury.

In addition to traditional bungalows, camping sites are offering new types of accommodations that meet the ground between camping and luxury hotels, with all which the latter implies.

Who chooses Glamping

Glamping is the perfect formula for those who love nature as well as comfort and a relaxed life-style, and want to experience a chic and en plein air vacation.

When you arrive in one of the many camping and glamping resorts of Lake Garda you are welcomed by a splendid and elegant pre-installed and king-worthy tent, with comfortable beds, an wide private bathroom, sometimes equipped with a shower or jacuzzi, air conditioning, a modern kitchen with a dishwasher, a cooker and barbecue, wardrobes and furniture of all types of design.


Those who choose to spend a weekend glamping on Lake Garda can enjoy the beautiful touristic attractions of Lake Garda, that are as historical as they are natural, without giving up the comfort and luxury of a hotel.

How to go Glamping on Lake Garda

Glamping can be done in many ways and different styles. For example, there are rustic and exotic Safari Lodges where the accommodation is a modern Yurt which allows occupants to observe the starry sky while sipping prosecco without risking catching a cold or battling with mosquitoes.

Other glamping resorts offer wooden buildings with multiple floors, round roofs or big wooden barrels used as furniture.

Between cottages, luxury tents, and mobile houses with an impeccable design, there’s something for everyone, and this is why glamping on Lake Garda is becoming the most chosen holiday spot by tourists who appreciate a sustainable option, which puts it in the category of ecotourism.

Many glamping campsites are equipped with solar panels and other services which allow them to reduce their environmental footprint to the minimum and favour the absorption of CO2.

Another advantage of glamping is that you can do it all year long thanks to the heating system the tents have as well as the air conditioning for the summer heat. This type of holiday is ideal for families, because it allows you to unite other wonderful experiences such as boat tours on Lake Garda.

Coco Suite Campeggio Weekend Glamping Resort

What are the best Glamping resorts on Lake Garda

Numerous campsites on Lake Garda have recently been equipped to offer proper glamping resorts, where tourists can enjoy the natural resources of the lake, the beauty of its landscapes, and the richness of its history and culture.

Some of the most avant-garde campsites on the lake that offer this luxurious nature experience are the Weekend Glamping Resort of Lake Garda, in San Felice del Benaco, one of the most fascinating parts of the lake only a few kilometers from the town of Salò.

Still in the territory of San Felice del Benaco you can find Camping Baia Verde and Camping Europa Silvella, where you can experience a fantastic glamping-style holiday.

Family Deluxe Interno Camping Baia Verde

Close to the Rocca of Manerba you can find the Sivinos Camping Boutique and La Rocca, while in Toscolano Maderno there is Maripa Queendom, with its splendid and sweet glamping yurt on Lake Garda, which isn’t exactly a campsite, but a true oasis of peace and relax.

Yurt Marida Queendom


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