Garda History

Lake of Garda, the most Mediterranean of the Alpine Italian lakes, shows itself in its wonderful surrounding of natural luminosity and colours: a unique holiday spot, in all seasons.

Its shores, studded with villages and small towns, add the charm of a built up landscape to the beauty of its rich natural environment, and the spell of ancient findings of Roman settlements, medieval fortresses, imposing buildings and noble villas.

With its Romanesque parish churches, its Baroque-style churches and its sanctuaries, with its monasteries and hermitages, lake Garda shows all the different aspects of its personality, even as an incomparable spiritual place.

Events & Food 

Very important cultural events take place here, like music and dance shows, important exhibitions and folk programmes, cheering up the visitors in any time of the year. And a rich choice of events and appointments is also given by the towns near-by, like Brescia, Mantova, Trento and Verona.

And for the gourmets, here is a delicious cuisine, simple and refined at the same time, which makes of genuine food its strong point. Lake fish, olive oil, wines, truffles, different kinds of cheese, pasta, are all tempting occasions for stopping in a fine restaurant or in one of the numerous characteristic trattorias. And surely a visit to a cellar or to an oil mill can't be missed, for discovering the typical products of the Garda region.

Fun & Sports

Natural, aquatic and fun parks around the lake offer both adults and children unforgettable amusement. Nobody can be bored here, in the lake Garda nights with their thousand different amusements. Discos, pubs, piano-bars, all are sure attractions for spending pleasant nights in this magic atmosphere, among the lights glittering on the lake. And fire works often lit up the summer nights.

Lake Garda and its surroundings constitute the most exhaustive training ground for those who seek an active holiday through the practice of sports, either at leisure for competitions. The lake is perfect for windsurfing, sailing and canoeing, as well as for all yachting, fishing and diving lovers.

The lake's inland area is also rich in multifaceted environments and in modern infrastructures offering visitors the possibility of mountain biking or horse-back riding, trekking and long excursions in the mountains, and it is the ideal location for tennis and golf lovers. 

Healthy Holiday and Wellness

Lake Garda can host a great number of tourists, both in its hotels and in different kind of lodgings: the ideal place where one can rest both body and mind, and relax in a luxurious nature. Here a healthy holiday is possible, not only thanks to the climate, but also to the numerous modern fitness plants for thermal cures, always updated, in order to grant innovative treatments and techniques.

The spa waters are real gifts of nature:

  • sulphurous, bromic and iodine waters in Sirmione;
  • low in mineral content, alkaline and bicarbonate containing waters in Vallio Terme. 

Water is undoubtedly the most natural remedy for regenerating one's body in a silent and dreamlike environment such as the Catullus peninsula or the quiet woods on the foothills of the Alps surrounding Lake Garda western shore.

Various affections can be treated by the sulphurous, bromic and iodine spa waters of Sirmione such as those to bronchial tubes, ears, nose, throat, skin and locomotive apparatus.

On the other hand the spa waters of Vallio Terme, low in mineral content, can cure kidneys, liver, intestines diseases and affections to the respiratory apparatus.

Thus on Lake Garda "holiday" means also and more than ever "wellbeing and health".