Guide to the best Hot Springs of Lake Garda between oasis of Relax and Wellbeing

Lake Garda is the ideal destination for all those seeking relax and wellbeing. The luxurious nature, the ideal climate, the numerous wellness centres, the luxury hotels and spas, and above all its fantastic hot springs make it a true paradise to rest and recharge both the body and the mind.

Ancient Romans discovered the healing properties of Lake Garda’s hot springs and built wonderful villas with thermal pools.

Nowadays the most famous hot spring parks are those of Sirmione and Lazise, and the many springs born from Monte Baldo make this side of Garda’s coast one of the most renowned thermal areas of Italy. You can also enjoy thermal therapy centers in northern Italy, in Trentino, and in the wellness centres in Verona.

Depending on your needs you can choose between:

  • thermal parks,
  • wellness centres,
  • hotels with spa
  • thermal pools, etc.

Some of these Hot Springs can be reached with our Lake Garda Boat Trips. Contact us to check If possibile and book your tour.

The options are infinite. Let’s thus go discover the best hot springs on Lake Garda.

The hot springs of Sirmione

Sirmione is one of the jewels of Lake Garda, a town rich in history and charm, that extends on a thin peninsula on the southern side of the lake, and houses places of historical importance such as the roman villa known as “Catullo’s grottos”, and the medieval fortress of the Scaligero Castle.

The other thing Sirmione is famous for are its hot springs. In front of Catullo’s Grottos, at the bottom of the lake, sulphurous waters known as the Boiola Spring gush out at the temperature of 70°C.

During a boat trip on the lake it is sometimes possible to see little bubbles from the spring that reach the surface of the water. The healing waters of this spring are channeled and redistributed among the various hotels and thermal centres of Sirmione, one of which is the thermal wellness centre Aquaria, with its big thermal pool that brushes against the lake, and the famous Catullo hot springs, where the salt, bromine, and iodine waters and sulphuric waters are used to cure respiratory and hearing problems, as well as treating rheumatism and skin diseases.

With its 1000sqm of pool and 6500sqm of park, the Aquaria thermal centre is one of the biggest in Italy and is family friendly, as it has spaces dedicated to children.

Still in Lombardy and not far from Salò are the hot springs of Vallio, known since ancient times by locals for the diuretic and depurative properties of its water, ideal for healing kidneys, livers, intestinal and respiratory illnesses.

Hot Springs of Vallio

The Thermal Park of Lazise on Lake Garda

Near the town of Colà, on the morainic hills behind Lazise, is the thermal centre Villa dei Cedri (Cedar villa), also known as the Thermal Park of Garda. It is a green 13 acre park that has been converted into an oasis of peace, relax, and wellbeing.

The water used in the Thermal Park of Villa dei Cedri in Lazise is born in two springs roughly 200m deep and gushes out at a temperature of 37°C and 42°C.

A big pool welcomes visitors, but the park offers various thermal pools with different temperatures and a panoramic view of the lake, as well as fountains and caves and the splendid neoclassic residence Villa dei Cedri that has a romantic aura. In this wellness centre of Lake Garda it is also possible to receive aesthetic treatments, massages, and other self-care activities.

Near Lazise are many hotels and high-end accommodation facilities for those who would like to stay a few days. The water of the Cedar Park is considered to be so beneficial that it can be drunk. It is also used for hydroponic treatments for kidney depuration, as well as rheumatism treatment and rehabilitation processes.

In Lazise there is also the Wellness&Spa wellness centre that is part of the 5 star Prince of Lazise Hotel. The centre extends on an area of 2000sqm and offers an escape from the stress of modern life with its saunas, hammams, steam baths, massages, sport, and ayurvedic medicine

The Aquardens hot springs of Verona

Among the sweet Valpolicella hills is the modern thermal centre Aquardens Verona, also known as the hot springs of Verona. On its surface of 5000sqm are lagoons, caves, and waterfalls, and many tanks of bromine-iodine water that gushes at the temperature of 47°C from a crack 130m deep.

In the evening the Aquardens centre offers a lights and colours show thanks to the particular illumination of the tanks. Here guests can relax with hydromassages, beauty cabines, and musical chromotherapy.

The Caesius thermal centre of Bardolino

The water used in the Caesius thermal centre, one of the most famous in the area, is born from Mount Baldo. The combination of the thermal water benefits, the mild climate of the lake, the ayurvedic medicine, the attention to nutrition and other detox therapies make this one of the most appreciated centres by people of all ages.

In the province of Verona, in the hilly hinterlands in an area rich in thermal sources, are also the hot springs of Caldiero or the hot springs of Giunone (Juno). This water park is only open in the summer and has different pools for the entertainment of children, with water slides, animation, a wave pool, and an olympic pool.

Hot springs on the Trentino side of Garda

On the Trentino coast of Lake Garda, in the high North, are various thermal centres of recent construction that are worth knowing.

Aside from the hot springs of Riva del Garda, in Arco of Trento is the 5 star structure of Garda Thermae, a modern and welcoming wellness and beauty centre that offers personalised programs, hot water baths, freshwater and saltwater pools, soffused light games and regenerating massages.

25km north are the Comano hot springs, places in a beautiful scenario with a view of the Dolomites. The hot spring water gushes at the temperature of 27°C and is used by the Grand Hotel Terme di Comano for skin treatments.