Are you choosing where to spend your holidays on Lake Garda? Why not Riviera dei Limoni?

It’s time to start planning your holidays! If you’re thinking about Lake Garda, choosing the town and the location you’d be staying at, can be very difficult given the numerous possibilities and offers you may find... especially if you do not live here.

You may have heard of or read about the usually known cities and towns, such as Desenzano, Sirmione, Lazise, and Bardolino. These places are certainly beautiful but just because they are the most mentioned, does not mean that other less known places are any less pretty and worth any less.

About Lemon Coast

A suggestion we can give you would be to consider the Riviera dei Limoni (the Lemon Coast), an area that expands on the entire western coast of the lake, starting from Salò northwards. In comparison to other locations, a characteristic of this zone is that it is much more tranquil, less chaotic and more relaxing.
It offers the opportunity to sojourn in structures that are often paradises immersed in the quiet and relaxing environment gifted by the surrounding nature.

If you are looking for a gracious B&B, a beautiful villa to rent or a luxurious Hotel, in this area you’ll have a wide variety of options, while always having Lake Garda in front of your eyes.

Many towns make up the Lemon Coast, each of which has its own story to tell and many opportunities to spend your holidays.

The warm and favourable climate makes outside life and innumerous sports far more enjoyable. The sunny beaches, wet by very clear water, inspire baths and relaxing boat tours.

On top of that this area is ideal if you enjoy museums, churches, and art in general.

The night life is filled with many events on the lake front towns: fire works, musical evenings, and different town parties.
Exploring these areas you’ll witness the natural beauty of their landscapes, their cultural heritage and the flavours of the local food and wine.